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The Allegheny Hockey "Badgers" youth hockey organization was founded in 1992.  The association was named in honor of "Badger Bob" Johnson, a coach who was a leader throughout USA amateur and major league hockey, and who exemplified the core values and philosophies that are the basis for USA amateur hockey across the country.


Allegheny Hockey's by-laws and mission as an organization are based on the values and goals of the national USA Hockey Organization.  USA Hockey core values include sportsmanship, respect for the individual, integrity, pursuit of excellence, enjoyment, loyalty, and teamwork.  The philosophies and guidelines of USA Hockey are aimed at achieving programs which stimulate increased and equitable participation, improvement of basic skills, and which operate in a responsible environment for the conduct of youth hockey.


As such, AHA is committed to continue to provide programs for as many boys and girls as possible who wish to participate in youth hockey.  We provide instructional, recreational, and competitive programs for these different skill levels and ages from 4 through 20.  We are constantly challenging our organization to grow, to progress, and to improve.


AHA has a excellent group of dedicated coaches and volunteers who provide an unmatched level of commitment both on-ice and off-ice to the members of Allegheny Hockey and to the sport of youth ice hockey.  Thanks to their continued efforts AHA has successfully completed its 20th Year of operations.

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