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"Learn To Skate"  is a comprehensive Ice Skating Program that consists  of lessons covering the basic elements for every type of skating (speed, hockey, figure skating), and testing to measure the skaters' progress.  The program is based on the Ice Skating Institutes "Learn To Skate" program.  The program is designed to be exciting, rewarding, safe and FUN!  The classes enable the skaters to skate for fun or advance to skating in the USA Hockey, US Speed Skating or US Figure Skating programs.  Learn To Skate is for all ages.

How do I get started?

Register at the front desk at any time.  Our classes run year round and buying a "Learn To Skate" pass offers you the best deal!  The Center Ice personnel at the front desk will help you.

• Dress warmly with layers of clothing.  Sweat pants and shirts, leggings, warm-up pants are ideal.  Try not to be too bulky, this can make the skater uncomfortable and less likely to want to stay and learn.  Even during the summer, you will need to dress warmly.


• Bring gloves and a helmet (for children), bike helmets are acceptable.  Helmets are available for rent.  Feet will feel best with

lightweight socks (one pair) or tights.

Rental skates

Rental skates are available and a very good way to start.  Skating boots should fit snugly.  If boots are too big, they will not provide proper support.  We recommend figure skates for those just starting out.  They are much easier to begin in and you can switch to hockey or speed skates after you have developed your basic skills.  Skates must fit in order for you to be successful.

How long will it take to learn to skate?

Everyone can learn to skate.  Every sport takes practice.  Proper Instructors and proper equipment can make the learning process more enjoyable.  The more you dedicate yourself to skating, the faster you will progress, but be realistic.  Do not compare the progress of others to yourself.  We all learn at different rates.






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